Cravings… they are so hard to manage!! 

Some people crave sugar at the end of their meal…

Some people crave salty snacks in the middle of the day…


Me?  I don’t discriminate… I CRAVE BOTH!!


I know that when I crave salty snacks, it is most likely because I haven’t filled my water vessel enough times that a day.


Sugar?  A combination of habit, hormones, and yeast in my gut signaling my brain to give those pesky microorganisms MORE SUGAR!!


And simple carbs like breads and pastas?  Don’t get me started!  Those are comfort foods for me.  And who doesn’t love good bread with yummy butter?


Oh… and then there is my white wine…


There are all kinds of things you can do to help curb these cravings.  You can alter your diet, practice deprivation, increase your exercise regimen….


The Boost Bar at the Skin Bar offers two different kinds of solutions.  SLIM and SuperSlim are boosters that help curb cravings and hunger. They are formulated with natural elements that help break down fat and assist your liver process toxins and fat better.  The strange thing?  You just don’t crave the sugary or salty things you once did.  And for most, when you do indulge, one or two bites is enough.


Here is what some clients say:


“The first month I lost 7 pounds.  With month 2, I am down 20 pounds.  I did not deliberately change my eating patterns because the shots seemed to do it for me. I just haven’t craved sugars and carbs like I used to.  I only eat about half of what I’m used to because once I start eating, I just sort of lose interest!”  -Debra B.


“It’s the strangest thing. It just sort of happens without you realizing it.  You just don’t crave the sweets or carbs during the day anymore.  It doesn’t make you jittery or feel any different.  I love it!”  – Shelley T.


Are you ready for help with your weight loss goals?

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