Turkey Neck November

Turkey Neck November

Many people take care of their faces… but often neglect their necks.  We don’t wash them as often as our faces, don’t apply moisturizer as often as our faces, and don’t apply sun screen to our necks as often as our faces.  To compound this neglect, the skin on your neck is naturally thinner, with less capability to make collagen.  What does this mean??

The skin on your NECK wrinkles more than the skin on your face!!

And what makes this even worse?  Your posture lends itself to neck wrinkles… think how often you look down at your phone?!  This has now affectionately been nick-named the “tech neck.”

So… what can we do to combat this?

We can treat our necks with all the scrumptious products we pamper our faces with. We also should apply sunscreen just as often, if not more, to the skin on our necks.  And the decreased collagen growth?  We can use targeted heat specifically placed in the skin on the neck to stimulate additional collagen growth.  The type of heat that is most beneficial is called fractionated radiofrequency.  Skin Bar has special devices to place this special type of heat in the skin, helping our body to grow collagen, and resurface the top layers.  Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport can be placed in the heavy bands that run vertically down the neck, and can also be placed to help the crepey-looking skin.  If your neck is an area of concern, call to schedule a consult to see what the experts at Skin Bar can do for you!

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