About Us

The Skin Bar specializes in helping you feel beautiful and healthy both on the inside and out. Through a variety of aesthetic procedures, the experts at the Skin Bar can assist you in achieving your health and beauty goals. The toxins in our environment and our food greatly affect our body. With our skin being our largest organ, it tends to suffer the most. Everyone has to age, but the experts at the Skin Bar hope to help slow the process, helping you to age as gracefully as possible. Through aesthetic lasers, we can help your body to remember how to produce collagen on its own, and slow down the hands of time. Utilizing both simple and complex elements, the Skin Bar can not only help replenish your body, but can assist your body in eliminating toxins. The Skin Bar approaches your health and beauty naturally, helping you to have that beautiful glow, despite what life throws your way. We pride ourselves in giving you a refreshed look, so to never look “done.” It’s you, only better!

Julie Bennett

Julie Bennett has been in the medical field for over 25 years. Specializing in Pediatric Oncology during the first decade of her career, she perfected the art of caring for the person as a whole. Julie also worked as an infusion nurse at the sub-specialty offices next to Dell Children’s Hospital, perfecting her skills for starting peripheral IVs on difficult and tiny veins for the next decade of her career. Julie found herself involved in “the world of aesthetic lasers” by 2009, starting her leap into aesthetics. Julie is a nurse trainer for a large aesthetic laser company and travels the United States teaching physicians how to use aesthetic lasers when she is not at the Skin Bar.

Kary Stonebreaker Jones

Kary is a registered nurse with a background in aesthetics. She has always loved all things beauty related and got her Esthetician license at 19. After working in the beauty industry in her 20’s she had the opportunity to join the Cosmetic Surgery team at Westlake Dermatology as a patient coordinator. Kary immediately loved the medical field and  especially enjoyed interacting with patients. She started volunteering with American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better Program and led monthly classes for women, teaching them how to counteract the appearance-related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. She decided she wanted to play a more active role in patient care so she went to nursing school and became a LVN in 2016, and then a Registered Nurse in 2019. After exploring different specialties such as Urology and Endocrinology over the last few years she is excited to be back working in the Aesthetic and Wellness atmosphere, helping people look and feel better. Kary assists Julie with  Skin Bar’s weight loss and HRT programs,  vitamin injections, and various lasers.

Jettie Watkins

Jettie is a licensed aesthetician since 2000 and spent the last 20 years loving every minute of her job. She has had a passion for the industry since she was a little girl. Some of her earliest memories are of sneaking into her mother’s makeup or getting her fashion magazines and admiring all the glamour and glitz. 

Since receiving her initial permanent makeup training in 2013, she seeks out the best in the industry and trains as often as her schedule allows. Her advanced training includes different techniques for eyebrows (Powder Brow, Ombre, Stardust, Microblading/Hairstrokes, and Combination), eyeliner (Butterfly/ Stardust, Lash Enhancement/Baby Liner, Winged, or Eyeshadow Effect), and lips (Aquarelle or Watercolor, Ombre, Lip Stain, and Lipstick Effect).

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