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SkinBar Welcomes House of Flow Yoga of Austin

Are you a busy bee juggling between work, life, and yoga? No worries! We’ve thoughtfully crafted two membership plans tailor-made for yogis of every kind. Whether you’re a full-time or someone with limited free time, we have an option that suits your unique needs and fits in seamlessly with your busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect class for you today! Maintain mind-body balance during while you get a treatment at SkinBar or just come for a yoga class.

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Where yoga feels like home

Receive gentle guidance

Are you a student with a flexible schedule? Are you a working mom with very limited free time? Are you a full-time yoga lover? We got you!

We’ve created two types of membership plans to best align with your individual practice and your everyday life. Whether you want to practice every day or just once a week—we’ve got a plan for you.

With experienced teachers you can trust

Discover a practice that makes you

All of our registered yoga teachers and pilates instructors have gone through certified training programs, specializing in a variety of different practices including Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative and Yin.

At House of Flow yoga studio, there’s a class for you. No matter your gender, age, size or level of practice.

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We have different bodies, different needs, we are at different stages of our lives. Not all yoga and meditation styles are the same, which is why at House of Flow you’ll find different styles and classes.

Whether you’re looking for a full cardio flow or a relaxing meditation, we’ve got the options you need to find your own way of practice.

Yoga Fitness for All Levels

All classes at House of Flow are multi-level classes. This means that for more “advanced” poses teachers will give different options, from the “easiest” to the most difficult. Feel free to do what you can and what feels right for you in that moment. During the class teachers will provide tips and adjustments to help you with your classes.

House of Flow Austin Yoga Schedule

In order to book a class threw House of Flow Yoga you have to buy one of our plans (single class, classes pack or membership – by clicking on the link below). After your purchase, you can book your class in the ‘book your class’ section of our House of Flow website. All you have to do is click on the class you want to book and follow the procedure. You can book a class up to 30 days in advance and until 15 mins before the beginning of the class.

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Yoga Studio Location In SkinBar of Austin

House of Flow of Austin is located inside SkinBar:
11190 Circle Dr. #103
Austin, TX 78736