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BeJuled Boutique in Dripping Springs

What Our Fashion Boutique Is All About

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style
We can’t wait for you to come shop our closet, from beautiful ensembles to our selection of pick-me-up gifts, thoughtful and funny greeting cards, tee’s and jeans, and beautiful bags and accessories! We are Dripping Spring’s best Women’s Boutique store with dresses, tops, jeans, jumpsuits, purses, earrings and lots of other fun stuff.

We were very judicious with our selections across the board, every week we get in new shipment – we are just so proud! We pick what we like and we think you would look beautiful in. We can even help mix and match to get you the perfect outfit. It will be so good!!

We’re here with sincerity and heart, doing the right thing always, happy to help you look and feel your very best! Just need a place to take a breath and check your phone? Take a traffic break and come on in. We’ve got you! We even have a fridge stock with some yummy beverages.

We welcome you to join us as we grow, to come hang out and chuckle at our shenanigans, choose which playlist you prefer (boutique vs clinic, and you had better pick boutique! Ha!)

How Our Hill Country Boutique Started

Julie Bennet, Nurse Practitioner of SkinBar, opened a boutique in the charming town of Dripping Springs! From chic apparel to must-have accessories, BeJuled boutique offers something for everyone – even for out-of-town who can pick up a Texas Souvenir. Whether you’re looking for modern elegance or rustic chic, or want that comfy weekend outfit. People come from all over to shop at BeJuled boutique. When heading into Dripping Springs from Austin – come visit us!

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