Lase MD Keralase Hair Restoration Treatment

Karalase Hair Restoration for Thinning Hair

Are you noticing a decline in your hair’s volume? You’re not alone—hair loss is a problem that many individuals face. Factors like stress, genetics, hormonal changes, the aging process, and menopause can all contribute to thinning locks. In the past, traditional treatments relied on micro-needle rollers which could be difficult and uncomfortable; fortunately, modern technology has gifted us with better alternatives! KeraLase Lutronic LaseMD laser system therapy is a revolutionary new way to revitalize natural hair growth. With its ease of use and remarkable results, it’s the perfect choice if you desire fuller, healthier-looking hair. 

Thinning Hair Loss Treatment in Dripping Springs

Cutting-edge non-surgical treatment for hair loss.
Do you dream of regaining the thick, luxurious locks of your youth? If so, you’re not alone. Hair loss affects millions of people around the world, and resolving it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Thankfully, modern medical technology now makes it possible to restore hair without surgery or invasive procedures. Laser MD Keralase is an advanced laser hair restoration system that utilizes a safe and effective low-level cold laser light to stimulate the scalp and trigger dormant follicles. With this painless treatment, you can quickly and easily regain a head full of healthy, natural hair. So, if you’ve been struggling with hair loss and have been looking for a gentle, non-invasive solution, Laser MD Keralase might be exactly what you need.

What is Keralase?

Introducing Keralase: The revolutionary new treatment for hair loss, now available with Lutronic Ultra laser. Studies prove that Keralase Ultra laser produces remarkable results, it simply grows hair.

Our revolutionary technology Keralase provides comprehensive hair restoration solutions for men and women of all hair and skin types. A critical first step is a thorough evaluation to identify the source of your hair loss—we won’t recommend treatment for scarring alopecia since this condition has unique nuances that require special attention. With KerLase, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get tailored care with a personalized experience for healthy, beautiful hair.

Why Combine With the LaseMD

At Skinbar of Austin, we help you restore your hair’s glory days with revolutionary treatments that bring less pain, shorter treatment times, and more predictable results when compared to PRP hair treatments. Combining LaseMD Ultra with Kerafactor Serum—a proprietary blend of growth factors designed to enhance scalp health and promote hair growth—our treatments offer a friendly alternative. Not only are they quick with little-to-no pain or downtime, but there’s no need for needles or bleeding either!

Our groundbreaking technology goes straight to the source, delivering energy to the scalp and upper dermis in a safe and virtually pain-free manner. And the results are remarkable: this fractional, non-ablative procedure gently dries the scalp and produces microchannels that increase skin absorption up to fivefold—all it takes is a few strategic pulses of light!

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How Many Treatments Does It Take

In just a few short weeks, each session will provide you with an invigorating boost of hair growth opportunities. You’ll benefit from one treatment every four weeks—it’s super simple! Make sure to book all your sessions at one time.

Down Time with Keralase?

There is no blood draw or micro-needling. That’s a huge plus! You’ll barely need to take any downtime after your treatment. You may experience some mild redness in the area we treat, but it shouldn’t last more than a few hours. After that, just follow our recommended post-treatment care and you’ll be sure to get the best results.